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We’ve designed our services to bring your brand increased awareness and a formidable online presence on-the-go. So you can pick and choose from our array of services as part of a dynamic scope. We understand that your brand, your goals, and your reach will continue to evolve - as will our services.

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Analytics and Reporting

Improving, adapting, and optimising is what takes any strategy past the finish line.

Through sophisticated analytics, we convert data into insights that uncover the biggest piece of the puzzle - what’s bringing you ROI?

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What Analytics and
insight achieves:

Goal Setting

Website insights and overall analytics helps you decode how you were performing so you can strategize how you should be doing short-term and long-term. It helps you decide what goals you want to achieve in the upcoming 3-6 months.

Optimise Performance

Track campaigns via business managers and analytics tools. Agencies like ours also offer custom reports where you can get a bird-eye view of the performance. In this way, you never drop the ball on continuous growth and improvement.

Long-term improvements

There are multiple tools that help you understand data coming from your socials, website, channels, etc. Effective agencies offer analytics services that tell you how you should adapt your offers, communication, channels, and more.

Crucial Elements of an
Analytics strategy:

Competition Benchmarking

Compare your own ads with those of your competitors. In fact, do a deep dive into what their best performing content/ service is and draw relevant insights to level up your page insights and content game. Your competition can help you elevate your own plan.

Media Planing

Before we jump onto reporting, we create a media plan where you can review targets. This will give you a clear idea on what the target leads are and the percentage of conversion required. In the long term, what’s the revenue generated.

Customised Reporting

Create a customised report based on what information needs to be tracked. Social media or website traffic analytics or both? This could directly impact the objective of the campaign and serve as a 360 view of what is happening.

Weekly and Monthly Analysis

These help you identify consumption habits. Your consumer engagement metrics reveal a very important piece of the puzzle. They tell you what they’re consuming and why. Ultimately, the point of is to be available for your TG. So, listen closely. closely.

Product Managment

Improve your offerings based on the analysis you undertake. Your competitors and metrics help you understand what features you should adapt. Your audience will actively tell you what to improve on, so keep your ear to the ground and improve your offering continuously.


A crucial piece of the puzzle, SEO plays a very important role in understanding analytics. Data helps us not only improve SEO but also in optimising what’s missing. That’s why insights help your product/service to step into the limelight as well.

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Most Popular Questions

While some agencies make it so, it’s important for us to give our clients the whole view. For a holistic perspective, we marry insights and analytics offerings so we can track the campaigns via analytics and extrapolate business learnings read by experts to give you insight.

Yes, definitely. For e.g. When you run ads on Google or Facebook you can check the business manager for insights or review your own page insights. However, it gets tedious to manage all different dashboards at once while you’re running your own business. That’s where we come in.

Yes, exactly. That, and more. With our analytics services, you can identify exactly what content is doing well, and what is converting your users. You can get a deep look into how consumers are actually responding to your ads and try to understand why they may be dropping out.

Yes, but during our contract with you, we will sign a confidentiality agreement, which means your consumer engagement metrics are safe with us.

When you opt for any of our digital marketing services, we provide reporting and analysis on the activities as a complimentary offering. In the case that you want us to do your analytics and analysis as a standalone offering, then you can simply opt for this and we come in to measure, read, analyse, and report back to you.

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