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We’ve designed our services to bring your brand increased awareness and a formidable online presence on-the-go. So you can pick and choose from our array of services as part of a dynamic scope. We understand that your brand, your goals, and your reach will continue to evolve - as will our services. kanhaiay

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Content Marketing

Content makes the very pulse of your business and tells your user about its beat too.

Leverage your content as a real marketing asset for organic reach and lead conversion with La Decoller experts.

  • We work as your own in-house marketing team
  • Flexible scope that embraces change
  • Free strategy call with an industry expert
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What Content Marketing achieves:

Consumer Confidence

Your content helps you connect your value proposition to your consumers - emotionally and tactically. This helps to build trust in your offerings and differentiates you from your competitors for your target audience online.

Ushers in Organic Traffic

Content marketing helps you drive SEO and increase organic footfall. From blogs to podcasts, the various formats of content engage your audiences. If your content adds value, this value comes back as leads to conversions.

Long Term Asset

Content gives your brand the edge it deserves - it delivers the tone of your voice and positions you as the market leader in your segment of offering. A good content strategy will put your brand name in the minds of your TG.

Crucial elements of a
content marketing strategy:

Landing Page

Even before jumping onto the content strategy, it’s extremely important to have a strong foundation. This means a website that helps your users get the information they’re looking for so they can convert without dropping out.

SEO Content

The content for SEO helps in long-term organic growth to get visitors. Your content will stand as a solution to what your potential customer is searching for. Increased sales are often a result of being in front of the consumer.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis isn’t only important for SEO but also to understand what your target audience is searching for. These keywords help understand the sentiments of your TG and build content pillars that communicate your offerings’ benefits.

Content Calendar

Two main elements while writing content are: who are we writing for and how are we evaluating its performance. The entire content strategy/calendar will be based on the objective and the metrics that are growth indicators.

Automation And Tools

We automate the execution. This means we monitor all the content online for your brand to make sure the results are optimal. Our focus is always on amplifying the content and optimising the results.

Advance Reporting

Strategic marketing needs tracking and consistent reporting. We come back to you with all our findings with detailed weekly reports so you know exactly what’s going on with your online footprint. We keep you in the loop every step of the way.

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Most Popular Questions

Yes. With a blog you can leverage your expertise in the sector and share it with your audience. This leads to better quality traffic and leads, which is an important tenet of strategic marketing. It helps your customer with more information with respect to your product/service. Indeed, helping them make faster decisions. Plus you rank better on Google and engage users who are redirected to your website.

Our process begins with identifying your TG and we design content that targets them and engages audiences directly. With us, content can be leveraged as a real business aspect. By tailor-making our approach for each brand, we’re able to identify the content needs that require attention. And so we create blogs, e-books, videos, whitepapers, and much more on the basis of the brand’s TG. We curate, create, and position strategic content to ensure that the exercise is one that actually brings home the ROI for our brands. Read more about our process here.

Whether you’re a B2B or a B2C business, content can help you radically transform your business’ footprint.
  • Content marketing can result in direct ROI and increased savings.
  • It gets your brand started.
  • It gives enough information at each stage of the consumer journey to not only create awareness but to urge them to take decisions.

Yes, you actually can. This is how:
  • Blog page creation is easy - you can use wordpress to get yourself started.
  • For eye-catching online and offline collaterals - you can design with softwares like Canva. They help you with readymade templates that are easy to edit.
  • Podcasts can also be homegrown - there are tons of free tools that can help you create a podcast or edit a video. All of this is just time consuming when it's not under one roof, that's where we come in.

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