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We’ve designed our services to bring your brand increased awareness and a formidable online presence on-the-go. So you can pick and choose from our array of services as part of a dynamic scope. We understand that your brand, your goals, and your reach will continue to evolve - as will our services. kanhaiay

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Digital Marketing Strategy

The key to achieving your business goals

Digital marketing strategy is a roadmap that leads your business straight to your short and long term goals.

  • We work as your own in-house marketing team
  • Flexible scope that embraces change
  • Free strategy call with an industry expert
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What digital marketing
strategy achieves:

Brand Relevance

SEO is a direct link between your potential customer and website pages. Optimised pages help brands drive organic results and bring in more visitors to your website. Less spends = more converted leads.

Establishing Consumer Jounery

SEM ads (paid ads) help you drive intent based marketing but SEO can translate into a higher % of lead to conversion ratio in the long term. Your organic ranking can secure your future.

Brand Optimisation

Establishing trust with Google can help you rank higher. Once Google understands your content adds value, you’re more likely to show-up as a user looks up similar offerings. This amplifies your website traffic!

Elements of a result-oriented
SEO strategy:

Competitor Analysis

Studying your competitors gives your brand a set of dos and don’ts to stay a step ahead in the market. It’s a window to your consumer’s sentiments as well as the market reaction.


A good digital marketing strategy leads users to your website to boost revenue.. And a great website ensures they find what they’re looking for and convert before dropping out.

Content Marketing

This is a key pillar of a digital marketing strategy. The way to crack it? Understanding who you’re writing for. All written, visual, and audio content is created to achieve your short term marketing goals.

Social Media Marketing

Our strategy flows in 3 folds. First, we create an organic presence. Second, we create branding ads that collect the cookies of engaged users. Third, re-target our potential clients.

Media Planning and Buying

Lead generation ads on digital channels drive successful marketing. With accurate targeting, we break clutter and reach out to potential customers.

Influencer Marketing

This approach helps you connect with your TG, increase brand awareness and build trust. Influential internet personalities become your brand champions and bolster sales.

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Most Popular Questions

Branding puts a face to your product or service. With various collateral and assets, branding gives your company a personality that your TG can connect with - and remember. It deploys consistency in communication that helps create recall and recognition. In the long run, as a brand grows, branding helps you create leadership in the market space by becoming easily/most recognisable.

No. Our audit is free of charge. It includes a thorough deep dive into your current strategy. We assess your past campaigns, content, and data for a competition analysis to identify the best plan for you and move onto the next step of our process. For us, the first consultation is all about matching wavelengths and getting to know your brand.

Yes, our mission at La Decoller is to provide effective solutions for all kinds of brands (link offerings)

Yes we have a flexible approach, nothing stands between a great idea and execution - that’s our belief at La Decoller. We scale together.

We have a flexible scope of work that can accommodate all types of projects at varying costs. Please view our pricing page here for more details. (pricing page link)

La Decoller gives its clients the experience of an in-house marketing team that works hard and fast to accommodate a flexible scope of work. The same experts that pitch for your project execute strategies and keep you updated. It’s a cutting-edge ecosystem and we’re looking forward to welcoming you into our fold of results-driven brands.

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