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OUR Story

We spread our wings wide when we began.

When we began, under the wings of the
aviation sector giant and leader Aviation
Indeed , we began with a mission statement.
To help small companies maximize
opportunity by building effective online
footprints. We were so very committed to
offering cost-effective marketing services, that we tied our growth model to our clients’.

We took off to new heights

And so it is that we started to scale… along
with our clients! Our flexible scope of work
allows our clients to have ideas as and when
inspiration strikes and we’re quick to adapt,
and quick to create strategies from effective
branding to result-oriented social media
campaigns. And soon, our tribe started to
expand. We’ve now planted our feet in over 3
countries and are a fast-expanding team of 12 members who each excel in their fields of

We never stop scaling

Today with a presence in more than 10 sectors, we’re continuing to scale new heights along with the brands we work for. It’s why we’re widely regarded as our clients’ own in-house marketing team. Because we’re team players and our experts are excited to make a real difference

Why Work With Us

We accomodate any change in scope. Your ideas are our priority.
We double up as your own in-house marketing team.
The same experts that pitch to you execute your strategy across channels.
We monitor your growth on a daily basis and check in with you weekly.

Best Service providing agency in town

We easily and quickly received the money from the consumers grow Sakira. After using our service, as well as communication.
Steve Behunin
Senior Consultant

The benefits of local SEO for small business

We easily and quickly received the money from the consumers grow Sakira. After using our service, as well as communication.
Michel Fix
Assistant Manager

Perfect from beginning to end faster

We easily and quickly received the money from the consumers grow Sakira. After using our service, as well as communication.
Pepe Charles
Executive Consultants

Meet (y) our team members!

Our Culture Means Everything to Us

Our platform was built to support the hiring needs of any team, from startup to large enterprise.

Counseling conversations

We pride ourselves on being a people-first
company that values talent and expertise. We
put our employees’ mental health first and
check in with them through certified
counselors as and when they like.

Breaking down barriers

We believe in support systems, not
hierarchies. What this means is that we’re all
peers and work collaboratively to execute
projects. From writers to PPC Specialists, we
make results happen – together.

Brainstorming tables

Since our staff is helmed by experienced
experts who like a breath of fresh air, we
have open spaced brainstorming tables
where they come in and shoot ideas and
hoops. It’s great for them and it’s great for our

Happiness meter

As with all things we do, we got creative with
our employee satisfaction technique. Our
happiness meter ensures we check in with
our teammates and make sure they’re

We are led by industry Experts

Introduction to the blog academy:

Are you curious about SEO of online stores or maybe you want to enter the market and wonder SEO abroad looks like? You will find answers to these questions and many other tips important for the development.

Frequently asked question

We work in all things digital marketing, bringing your online success to life

How can I get in touch with you?
You can get in touch with us here by emailing us or calling us. Alternatively, reach us by Email or submit the form at https://ladecoller.com/contact-us/
What is your pricing model like?
We make sure to be absolutely flexible when it comes to our costs so don’t hesitate to
get in touch with your specific needs and budget. La Decoller was started with the
intention to help brands amplify their voice online. To help brands scale and reach their
target audience even through uncertain times like a pandemic. That’s why flexible scope
and cost is at the core of what we do.
I want to apply to work with you, how do I go about it?
We’re always on the lookout for fresh talent - drop us a line about you and let’s get
What locations do you have offices in?
We currently have offices in India and are expanding to Canada, UK, Europe, UAE, USA
in 2021.
Where can I see your open vacancies?
You can read through our open listings our careers page. We’re also always open to talent so
feel free to email us.
What competitive advantage does La Decoller offer its clients?
- La Decoller gives its clients the experience of an in-house marketing team that works hard and fast to accommodate a flexible scope of work. The same experts that pitch for your project execute strategies and keep you updated. It’s a cutting-edge ecosystem and we’re looking forward to welcoming you into our fold of results-driven brands.

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