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Invest in long term organic growth with a strong online presence.

Gain trust and credibility with your target audience- as well as Google! Usher in guaranteed organic results:

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What SEO

Competition Analysis

A competition analysis helps you set a benchmark – how you need to have a better website than your competitor, a differentiating content, better back-links and an engaging social presence. Competitor keyword research not only helps you with keyword analysis but also in targeting new consumers.

Optimised Website

A website built for your target audience should make it easy for your customer to get around. It meets their desires and needs, connects them with your emotional story, wins their trust, and converts them before they drop. A good website catches your user’s attention and increases website traffic.

SEO Friendly Content

We create content to impress Google, win its trust and credibility that in return helps us win with our potential customers. From content present on the website to that on your blogs, email campaigns, and social media: it’s all about standing out as a brand with value-adding content.

Elements of a result-oriented
SEO strategy:



We’re a large company that’s acutely aware that social marketing is the future. In a bid to stay relevant we started with a small project with La Decoller and have now scaled to several services because of the results we’ve gotten and the comfort we feel. This is a team we can trust and rely on like it’s our own
Marketing Manager

Birdigo Aviation and Immigration Services

Working with La Decoller has been a game-changer for Birdigo. Their marketing services are truly best-in-class, and their expertise in social media and graphic design is second to none. Thanks to their innovative strategies and creative prowess, our brand has soared to new heights. La Decoller isn't just an agency; they're a strategic partner we trust implicitly. Their dedication, commitment, and exceptional results make them an invaluable asset to Birdigo's success story

Aviation Indeed

Taking flight with La Decoller has been an incredible journey for Aviation Indeed. Their social media management, email marketing, and overall digital expertise have truly elevated our presence in the aviation industry. With their dedicated efforts, our brand has achieved new heights and connected with our audience on a whole new level. La Decoller is more than just a marketing agency; they're a vital part of our aviation family, consistently steering us in the right direction with their outstanding services Aditi
Marketing Head

Introduction to the blog academy:

Frequently asked question

We work in all things digital marketing, bringing your online success to life

Is SEO an ongoing process or a one-time project?
SEO is a continuous process of optimization through all your content. BUT - when you first build your website, it can be treated as a one-time treatment process where you can analyse keywords for keyword optimisation and rank high on Google.
We want to increase our ranking on Google, can you help us and how?
That’s what we do! We use SEO to optimise page ranking by increasing your presence on Google for the long term and showing Google that your business is the best match for its consumers’ needs. We make your website needs to be easy to use, relevant and technically sound. This drives website traffic to your company’s page - where it should be!
What differentiates La Decoller from other SEO agencies?
c. Instead of a quick fix, La Decoller embeds an SEO plan into the overall marketing strategy. This way, we make your website reliable and easily found on Google.
d. SEO includes on page and off page initiatives. At La Decoller, we’re able to give you the whole gamut of services required to pull off effective SEO. From web development assistance to content writing that is optimized based on the keywords we analyse, we’re able to make sure there are no loose ends. This way, SEO can truly add value to incur real world ROI for your brand.
What affects my website’s SEO ranking?
While companies aren’t very open with their algorithm for this, our experts can reliably tell you that it depends on three main things. These include, but aren't limited to, being mobile friendly, loading fast and securely, and providing a good user experience. If people consistently spend only 10 seconds on your website then leave, Google will rank you further down. This means quality content comes very handy in maintaining your Google ranking.
Can't I just buy ads and skip SEO?
Sure you can. But SEO and PPC (buying ads) are different ways of boosting your presence. PPC connects you with customers when they need you, but SEO exposes your business to more organic traffic, leading to brand recognition and prominence.

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